Birmingham Subway Map

Birmingham Subway Map on Bakley placed ads in regional swinger magazines in which she charitably described herself as young, single, pretty, lonely, and willing to travel in order to meet. Once a mark responded, she sent the man a nude photograph (often not of herself ) and asked for money to get her car fixed so she could come to visit him. Next, she would consult a map to determine the median distance between her location and his and telegram the mark her car had broken down and she needed money, or better yet, a credit card number to effect repairs. Bakley used numerous aliases and Social Security numbers of every woman she knew. While Bakley was on the road setting up a network of post office boxes for her scam, Gawron stayed at home copying and addressing hot form letters written by his wife to her respondents. If they paid a fee, he enclosed an explicit photo. Occasionally, Bakley met with some of the men if she liked the photo they supplied. Birmingham Subway Map 2016.

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