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In the Byzantine liturgy, cultural elements of the Hellenism of the late Roman period gnosticspeculative terminology mix with proto-Byzantine elements idea of hierarchy, taste for classification, sense of the splendor of imperial ceremony; the theological ideas of the councils and the Fathers; and Eastern lyricism, symbolism and mystagogy. Birmingham Map The texts combine the biblical data through the method of negative theology, dear to the Cappadocians, which safeguards the mystery of God’s absolute transcendence and celebrates the divine doxa through a confession of the inadequacy of language the incomprehensible, incommensurable, inexpressible God.

Dogma is presented by a constant liturgical illustration, without tying itself to exclusively rational definitions, rather rising above itself in numerous occasions of charismatic chant, full of cosmic ambition: We, who mystically represent the cherubim and sing to the life-giving Trinity the thrice-holy hymn, lay down all cares of this world to welcome the king of the universe, invisibly escorted by angelic hosts, to whom we sing: alleluia! alleluia! Hymn Cheruvik³n for the Great Entrance of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

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