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Big island hawaii destinations on telemetry n. the process of measuring and transmitting quantitative information to a remote location, where it can be recorded and interpreted. For example, a small radio transmitter may be implanted inside an animal to measure general activity level as well as a variety of physiological variables, including body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. This transmitter sends signals to a receiver located outside the animal. telemetric adj. telencephalon n. see cerebrum. Big island hawaii destinations 2016.

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Being used to tankers, I was expecting the three-watch system to prevail, but things were different. The second mate and the third mate split the cargo duties in port, while the mate didn’t have a watch because he was responsible for all the cargo at all times and was therefore technically on duty throughout, even though in practice he had a leisurely time. In a port with twenty-four-hour working, the second and third mate worked twelve hours on, twelve off, although that didn’t happen very often because not that many ports worked through the night on general cargo ships. And for those that did, our work was supervisory work, not the filthy graft I had been brought up with on tankers, where we would spend the watch running around the deck from one near crisis to another. It could be a bit grubby climbing up and down the hatches to check the cargo, but it wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t exhausting, it wasn’t particularly stressful.

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