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At the back of the square is the entrance to the table-service Biergarten. The atmosphere is one of year-long Oktoberfest with live performances that include an Oompah band, long horns, and bells. Guests can sing and dance along. The restaurant resembles a small German village inside and has tables on several levels, making it easy to see the stage. The cost of the buffet is $30.00$59.99 per adult; alcohol is not included. Lunch and dinner buffet menus are similar: Beet Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cabbage Salad, Potato Salad, Tomato Salad, Wurst Salad, Seasonal Salad, Macaroni & Cheese, Meat Platter, German Sausages, Roasted Pork, Bratwurst, Beef Rouladen, Meatballs, Pork Schnitzel, White Fish, Rotisserie Chicken, Sauerbraten, Spätzle, Roasted Potatoes, Red Cabbage, Potato Dumplings, Sauerkraut, Seasonal Vegetables, Fresh Fruit, Apple Strudel, Seasonal Dessert, Vanilla Pudding, Bavarian Cheesecake, and Black Forest Cake. Beers: German Beer Flight (Four pours 5 oz. each) includes Radeberger Pilsner, Altenmunster Oktoberfest, Schofferhofer Weizen, and Hovels $10.75; Schofferhofer Weizen or Radeberger Pilsner or Altenmunster Oktoberfest (1/2 liter) $8.25; German White Wine Flight (three pours 2 oz. each) $15.00. A nice selection of German wines is available, from $9.00 per glass to $49.00 per bottle, as well as Jägermeister or Apple Berentzen $8.00, Barenjager Honey & Bourbon $9.00.

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