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Best winter vacations in the us on ventrodorsal adj. oriented or directed from the front (ventral) region of the body to the back (dorsal) region. Compare dorso-ventral. ventrodorsally adv. ventromedial hypothalamic syndrome a set of symptoms caused by experimental lesions in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus in the brain. The syndrome consists of two stages. The first is characterized by hyperphagia (overeating) and subsequent weight gain, resulting in obesity. Best winter vacations in the us 2016.

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There were several from the Orkneys and a couple of Shetlanders, Sheltees’. There were also a few from the northern and north-western Highland coastal towns, who were treated as honorary Islanders, rather than Highlanders. The Islanders were slower in speech and manner than the southern Scots, who were predominantly from the eastern coastal towns, with a sizeable cadre from Edinburgh. Southerners were looked down on by the Islanders, who didn’t even consider them real Scots. A couple of the Sheltees had maps of Scotland stuck to the bulkheads of their cabins with the English border moved north to a line penned in from Aberdeen to Bute, condemning the industrial Glasgow Edinburgh belt to a sort of quasi-English status.

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