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F.W. Deichmann, Carthago. Heiligtum der Caelestis: JDAI 54 1939 136 nr. 86; J. Christern, art. Karthago: RBK 3 1978 1164 nr. 13. The location of the cathedra could change, according to the liturgy, from the apse to the center of the church, as described in the Peregrinatio Egeriae. Basil of Caesarea sat in the church behind the curtain, and it was unusual that someone would be admitted to that area Theodoret, HE 4, 19, 11. The Testamentum Domini 1,19 prescribes that the bishop’s throne be set on the E side; beside it should be the seats or benches for the presbyters, with their space separated by a veil. When the patriarch Macarius of Antioch was deposed during the third council in 68081, Best winter vacation in USA his seat of honor thronus was thrown out Lib. pontif. 1, 354 Duchesne; Gussone 87. IV. Examples of Christian cathedrae. The oldest preserved Christian cathedra was found at Karapinar Bekilli in Phrygia, in an unspecified archaelogical context; it is dated to the 3rd c., based on the inscription on its front W.F. Buckler – W.M. Calder – W.K.C. Guthrie, Monuments and Documents from Eastern Asia and Western Galatia Manchester 1933 nr. 320 Taf. 65; A. Strobel, Das hl. Land der Montanisten 1980 70f. 116f.. Very often Greco-Roman seats were reused in Christian contexts; the seats originally functioned as the place of honor in theaters. One of the few cathedrae produced in the early Christian period is the Seat of St. Mark, made of alabaster in a 6th-c. Eastern workshop. A cavity under the seat and the two side-openings indicate that the seat functioned as a reliquary E.

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