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Best winter vacation places on Known as Hollywood’s Father Confessor, the sensitive production supervisor was renowned throughout the industry for helping anyone in need. During his years in the entertainment capital, Bern 26 Bern had also earned a reputation as a ladies’ man. In 1932, the 42-year-old producer fell passionately in love with 21-year-old actress Jean Harlow while pushing her for the sexy leading role in the film Red-Headed Woman. Harlow got the part and overnight became the biggest star on the MGM lot. Less than two weeks after the film premiered, Harlow married Bern on July 2, 1932, in a private ceremony at her father’s home. The next day, MGM’s top brass assembled for a garden party at the Benedict Canyon home Bern had built two years earlier at 9820 Easton Drive. As a wedding gift, the producer gave his new bride the deed to the Bavarian-style house. Best winter vacation places 2016.

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