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Best vacations in us on There were two ways to have taken position on the box breakout: either enter on the break of combi 6 (little aggressive still) , or one bar later, above bar 7 , when the box barrier was visibly broken. A 20 pip target will have been reached before the highs of 2 and 3 were met; should this level have fallen shy, a resistance exit will have been a valid call. When the earlier highs indeed proved obstructive (note the classic false break trap at F), the market went about printing yet another M-pattern middle-part (F-8) . Should we have traded the bear break for failure, above bar 9? It is an easy skip, since it isn’t wise to resort to these tactics when the market is no longer in trending mode (despite the bullish dominance, the market was ranging for over four hours) . The break above combi 1 0 is an easy skip as well. There was just too much resistance to overcome for this to represent a high-odds play. In Part 1 of our studies we have covered the essentials of price action on a wide array of educational charts. Best vacations in us 2016.

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