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Best vacation united states on Cambodia’s People’s Princess died of her wounds on July 13, 1999, as dozens of fans crowded outside her room offering to donate blood. Hours after her death, Peaklica’s body was clad in a white gown and placed in state on the grounds of the University School of Fine Arts where, through her efforts as a teacher of traditional dance, she had virtually saved the art form from cultural extinction. As police attempted to keep a semblance of order, thousands of heartbroken fans passed by the bier while Peaklica’s sister quietly sat over the body shooing away mosquitoes with a handkerchief. A comment by a tearful fan placed Peaklica’s murder into national perspective Her performances represent the entire nation and her death is like losing Angkor Wat. The person who raised his hand to kill her 235 Peaklica also killed the nation’s soul. A crowd of 10,000 witnessed the ritual burning of Peaklica’s body in a crematorium hastily erected in the school’s courtyard. The national press coverage given to the assassination of the beautiful 34-year-old star sur – passed even that afforded to the April 1998 death of Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot, a ruthless dictator whose regime killed an estimated 1. Best vacation united states 2016.

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