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Best vacation spots in hawaii on Prior to the breakout there were false lows at 6 , always an interesting tell. A very straightforward pattern line was broken at T, and from there on it was just a matter of waiting for the trade set up in high-odds fashion (a pattern break combi long above bar 7). On a trade like this you can set your stop either very sharply below bar 7, or more conservatively below the lows of the triple-bottom element at 6. A nice target here would be the former high of 2 . If not fully there yet, consider an exit into the close of the underlying S&P 500 Figure 1 1 . 1 6 There can be strong correlation in directional pressure from market to market, even when traded on different continents. It may not always be so evident who exactly is leading who at any point in time, but that is basically irrelevant also since we best concentrate on what the charts themselves are saying. Best vacation spots in hawaii 2016.

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