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Best vacation places in the us on Biggie and Combs discussed going to another party as they walked back to their parked cars on Fairfax. Biggie piled into the green Suburban's front passenger seat next to his driver-bodyguard with Lil' Ceasar, Damien Butler, and Groovy Luv sitting in the back. They fell in behind Combs' white Suburban containing his driver and three bodyguards. A black Chevy Blazer filled with off-duty officers from the Inglewood Police Department brought up the rear.

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As the motorcade stopped for a light on Fairfax some one hundred yards from the driveway entrance to the Petersen Automotive Museum, a dark sedan (possibly a Chevrolet Impala Super Sport) pulled up along the passenger side of the SUV carrying Biggie. The car's driver, a black man in his early twenties wearing a dress shirt and bow tie, pulled a 9mm handgun and sprayed the vehicle with bullets. Of the five individuals in the Suburban, only the rapper was hit clearly marking him as the target of a professional hit.

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