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Best vacation in us on Carrol became a mainstay in Adamson’s production company, and the pair married in 1972, remaining together until the actress’s death from cancer on November 4, 1992. The success of Satan’s Sadists established a formula for the remainder of Adamson’s film career: make cheap films, exploit the currently popular genre (horror, sex), use (when possible) name stars at the end of their careers, continually add stock footage and then retitle the films, and target the drive-in crowd where quality takes a back seat to entertainment value. Adamson’s films include Five Bloody Graves (1970, starring John Carradine), Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970, a.k.a. Space Mission of the Lost Planet, Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet, among an esti mated 13 other titles), Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (1972, the first horror spoof featuring Lon Chaney, Jr. Best vacation in us 2016.

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