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Best vacation ideas on Within the first 10 minutes of the trading day, I like to see the volume at 200,000 to 500,000 shares traded. After the first hour CHAPTER 5 Predictable Momentum 77 TEAMFLY 78 Trading on Momentum F I G U R E 5 – 2 of the trading day, I like to see volume nearer 1 million shares traded. I feel this type of volume provides enough predictability for momentum. In addition to the volume, I like to see the pace of the trades at close to 45 to 60 trades per minute. This lets me know that there is enough interest in the stock that is indicative of the volume reading for the day. Finally, the stock must create a large enough intra-day range that will offer enough potential. This intra-day range is where the unknown of the trade occurs. Best vacation ideas 2016.

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