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Best vacation getaways on Police arrived to find Brancato sitting in the middle of the road blocking traffic and shouting, Don’t you know who I am? The out of control actor was issued a summons for harassment and disorderly conduct. The next night, December 9, Brancato and Steven Armento, 49, walked into the Crazy Horse Cabaret, a strip club on Boston Post Road in the Bronx. Brancato, despondent and upset over the break with Stefanie, was again using narcotics and the men spent most of the evening drinking and figuring out where they could score more drugs. Brancato suggested a visit to the apartment of Kenneth Scovotti, a 63-year-old Vietnam veteran who regularly supplied him with prescription drugs like Valium. Although Brancato had repeatedly stolen drugs from Scovotti’s residence at 3119 Arnow Place in Pelham Bay, the starstruck veteran allowed the actor to crash at his place whenever he was too stoned to drive to Yonkers. Armento and Brancato left the Crazy Horse at 4:00 A.M. Best vacation getaways 2016.

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