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Best vacation destinations usa on He wore a bulletproof vest and upon leaving the stage had his security staff lead him by circuitous routes out of the building. The fundamental split in Gaye’s psyche between the religious and the sexual became even more pronounced as his drug use escalated out of control. Hookers were kept in one room while in another nearby he would have a minister on call. Throughout the tour, Gaye yo-yoed between the two extremes. By tour’s end in August 1983, Gaye had taken to stripping down to leopard skinned bikini briefs at the conclusion of Sexual Healing. The tour, a dismal financial failure that often played to half-filled halls, left the 44-year-old singer depressed, broke, and hopelessly addicted to cocaine. More than $300,000 behind in back alimony to ex-wives and terrified he would murdered, Gaye retreated to his parents’ home on Gramercy Park he had purchased for them 11 years earlier. Best vacation destinations usa 2016.

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