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Best us vacation destinations on On May 25, 1927, the jury returned after two days of deliberation to find Kelly guilty of the lesser crime of manslaughter. Sentenced to 1 to 10 years in prison, the actor initially vowed to appeal, but soon told his attorney he would take his punishment like a man and then begin life anew when society’s debt had been paid. Transported to San Quentin on July 2, 1927, to serve his posted 5 year sentence, Inmate No. 43,814 became a trusty in the prison library and took voice culture lessons to prepare for a post-prison career in talking pictures. His lover, Dorothy Mackaye, and Dr. Walter Sullivan still faced separate trials for covering up the facts of Raymond’s death. On June 29, 1927, a jury needed less than three hours to find the actress guilty. Best us vacation destinations 2016.

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