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II. In the West. The feast passed into the West before 361, when Ammianus Marcellinus mentions it in Gaul 21,2,5, while at the same time, or soon after, it was still unknown in Africa and probably at Rome, where only Christmas was celebrated, together with the adoration of the magi Optatus of Milevis. Augustine knew the feast only the adoration of the magi; Serm. 199-204; thus from the 5th c. Best US family vacations it became the preferred day for baptism. In Gaul in the first half of the 5th c., Epiphany included commemoration of the adoration of the magi, the baptism of Jesus and the wedding at Cana.

In Spain the first evidence of the Epiphany is from the Council of Saragossa of 380 can. 4. Isidore of Seville tells of the adoration of the magi, the baptism of Jesus and the wedding at Cana. In N Italy the theme of the feast oscillated between the tria miracula of the adoration of the magi, the baptism and the wedding at Cana Ambrose, Luc. 4,76; Filaster of Brescia, Best US family vacations Haer. 140,1-4; Peter Chrysologus of Ravenna, ps.- Maximus of Turin. Pope Siricius, in his letter to Himerius 385, mentions the feast of the Epiphany.

At Rome, before Gregory the Great, the adoration of the magi was the only theme of the feast of the Epiphany Leo, Serm. 31-38; later the baptism and the wedding at Cana were also added. Best US family vacations The oldest formulae of the Mass of the Epiphany are in the Gelasianum Vetus nos. 61-68 and the Gregorianum Hadrianum nos. 87-91: apparitio, adoration of the magi, star, enlightenment of the nations. Only in the Romano-German Pontifical do we again find the Eastern interpretation of this feast: adoration of the magi, baptism of Jesus, wedding at Cana and multiplication of the loaves; the administration of baptism was expressly excluded on 6 January. Epiphany was the day of baptism in Gaul, N Africa and Ireland; Rome protested this development Leo, Ep. 16; Gelasius, Ep. 14.

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