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Best tropical vacation spots on It could always be adjusted later on. With prices caught between the box barrier and the 2 5ema, progression 1 1 – 1 2 bore elements of a squeeze, but it wasn’t very tight. For this reason, we can look upon the initial perforation of the barrier as a tease break candidate, in essence a premature break (T). Prices indeed were forced to retreat from the tease, but it was a slowgoing affair with no signs of aggression on the part of the bears. This ultimately formed the 1 3- 14 bull-flag, which was well supported by the 1 0- 1 2 cluster on the left (technical test) . Note that throughout this correction, the trending average hadn’t even flinched. Quite the contrary, it helpfully guided the bars back out of the box. Best tropical vacation spots 2016.

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