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BREVIARIUM SYRIACUM or Martyrologium Syriacum. A poor Syriac translation, done at Edessa in 411, of a Greek original composed ca. 360 at Nicomedia and considered to be the oldest martyrology extant. It was included in the Martyrologium Hieronymianum 5th c.. Best travel destinations in USA First it lists the Western martyrs from 26 December to 24 November, then martyrs known only in Syria, divided into groups: bishops, priests, deacons, religious clerics and laity. PO 10,5-26; B. Mariani, Breviarium Syriacum, Rome 1956.

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travel-awards-usa_2037338b.jpgPainting ships rails sounds fairly tedious and mindless. Ships rails – the metal railings on the lower decks, as opposed to the smart teak taff-rails around the upper bridge deck and boat decks – are made of galvanised metal, not steel. Fools, fireman and first-trippers sit on rails; second-trippers paint them. Due to the galvanised structure, ships rails do not extrude gobs of dirty rust; they gently weep grubby brown tears. The scraping and scouring is therefore altogether a more gentle process.

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