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Best travel destinations in the us on As outlined by assistant district attorney Shellie Samuels, the case against Robert Blake was stunning in its simplicity. The actor despised Bonny Lee Bakley and wanted her away from their baby, Rosie, with whom he had become obsessed. After failing in his attempts to persuade hitmen to kill the woman, Blake shot her to death on the evening of May 4, 2001, near Vitello’s in Studio City. Schwartzbach for the defense countered that there was no physical evidence (DNA, hair, fiber, fingerprints) of any kind to tie Robert Blake to the murder. Without such concrete evidence, he argued, the prosecution’s case was built entirely on the testimony of two demonstrable drug abusers prone to hallucinations. While the couple’s marriage was a non-traditional one of convenience, each got something from it they wanted Blake, a child he adored; Bakley, a celebrity husband. Someone burned in the woman’s mail order porno scam was responsible for her death, not Robert Blake. Best travel destinations in the us 2016.

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