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Best travel destinations europe on Schwartzbach claimed Ito’s failure to investigate a key element of Blake’s alibi underscored the fact authorities never seriously considered anyone but the actor to be a viable suspect, not even the victims of Bakley’s mail order lonely hearts scam. However, Detective Ito did order a GSR test to be conducted on Blake’s hands and clothes even though departmental rules state not to do so if a person has been known to be carrying a firearm. The prosecution’s case against Blake despite the testimony of others at the murder scene or those the actor allegedly spoke to about Bakley rested on the testimony of two stuntmen, Gary McLarty and Ronald Duffy Hambleton. McLarty, 64, a stuntman on Baretta, said Blake offered him $10,000 to pop Bakley and had taken him on a tour of her living quarters in the guest house. In one scenario, Blake said the murder could take place by a river in Laughlin, Nevada. No money ever changed hands only the insinuation that Blake wanted her dead. Under Schwartzbach’s intense cross-examination, McLarty admitted he was a heavy cocaine user subject to paranoid delusions. Best travel destinations europe 2016.

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