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Best tourist places in european countries on a tall heavyset bald man wearing a Columbus Blue Jackets home jersey and jeans approached the band’s bus parked behind the popular heavy metal nightspot and asked Aaron Barns, the group’s sound man, if Dimebag and Vinnie Paul were on board. Told they were already in the club, the man walked off. Eighteen minutes later, Damageplan was forty seconds into New Found Power, their first song of the evening, when Nathan Gale forced his way in through the back door of the club past security and walked onto the stage. A crowd of over 400 people watched as Gale crossed the stage, grabbed Dimebag, and pumped three shots from a Beretta 9mm handgun into the guitarist’s face, killing him instantly. While many club-goers initially thought the scene was part of the act, reality quickly set in as the gunman sprayed the stage and crowd killing Nathan Bray, a 23-year-old fan, Erin A. Halk, a 29-year-old security man at the club, and Jeff Mayhem Thompson, a 40-year-old Damageplan crew member from Waxahachie, Texas. Chris Paluska, the band’s tour manager, and drum technician John Brooks were wounded. Best tourist places in european countries 2016.

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