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Best tourist destinations on I In the meantime, the angular flag line could have been plotted as depicted and its slope lined up perfectly with the three-bar combi 1 O- 1 l . The chart couldn’t have offered a better view on the sweetspot at hand. Of course, above this flag line there was still the overhead resistance of the M-pattern to consider (it doesn’t just evaporate) , but with the right side of it now more angular shaped, the obstructive potential was no longer that extensive. If the pattern break entry above bar 1 1 was deemed a little too aggressive still, bulls were offered a second instance entry just a few minutes later, on the break of bar 1 2 . The entry on this break may have been a few pip higher up, but that hardly mitigated the attraction of the setup: the bullish close of signal bar 1 2 confirmed the flag breakout, and the entry above it could boast of triple support of the flag line, the 25ema and the round number (no adverse magnets) . And with bar 1 2 added, the 9 – 1 2 progression harbored strong features of a W-pattern middlepart. Better not let this one escape also. Best tourist destinations 2016.

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