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Best summer vacations on At her trial in a Manhattan courtroom in September 1983, two very different portraits of Gail Collins and her marriage to her rock star husband emerged. Collins testified that her well-documented open marriage to Pappalardi defused the prosecution’s claim that she shot her husband in a jealous rage over his relationship with Merians. I was the one who urged him to see her because she had a calming effect on him, Collins told the court. Rather, Pappalardi was accidentally shot by her when he was showing her how to properly handle the Derringer during a pre-dawn lesson in gun safety. Collins insisted that she was terrified of guns and, when presented with the murder weapon in court, recoiled and sobbed, I can’t touch that gun, I can’t, I can’t touch that. The prosecution presented Frances Laing, wife of Mountain drummer Corky Laing, to counter Collins’ contention that she was not jealous and extremely fearful of firearms. Laing testified that in August 1975 she and Pappalardi were sitting alone in a car outside of a restaurant in Nantucket when an angry Collins arrived at the window and pointed the . Best summer vacations 2016.

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