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Best summer vacations usa on Parnell, Wallace R. (M-S) The son of Fred Russell, a brilliant ventriloquist on the London variety stage of the teens, Parnell briefly followed in his father’s footsteps before turning to theatrical promotion. After mounting several revues like Beauty on Parade in the 1920s and 1930s, he suffered a nervous breakdown in 1934 and was in and out of British bankruptcy courts for the next few years. Following a family dispute, Parnell went to America and distin – guished himself as an advertising wonder boy. Returning to England, yet another family fracas forced him away this time to Australia where his tireless efforts as a theatrical producer made him an important figure in that country’s entertainment industry. In 1942, Parnell immigrated to America with his sights set upon a theatrical producing career in Hollywood. His one success, The Beaustone Affair, played for a record setting eleven weeks at the Las Palmas Theatre in 1951. Best summer vacations usa 2016.

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