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Best summer vacations in usa on The pattern on the aud/usd here was a head-andshoulders variant with an M-pattern top in the middle ( 1 -2). Some bears may have deemed the M-pattern already telling enough to take their chances on the sell side below bar 2 , but that can be considered pretty aggressive from where we stand. But for a bull to have entered long in bar 3 , in an attempt to the trade the M-pattern break for failure, would have been a flat-out mistake. There was simply no bullish dominance visibly present to justify this trade-for-failure option. 406 Chapter I I Adapting to Low Volatility The reader may recall from our earlier discussions that a repeated failure of one party to reach its round number very often sets the stage for a successful run on the number at the other side. As bulls conspicuously failed in reaching the 20-level above, this will have turned plenty of eyes in the direction of the OO-level, particularly with such a fine pattern line in place. Depending on one’s appetite for aggression, an option may have been to short the break of the pattern line in bar 4 straightaway, so as not to run the risk of missing the ride to the magnet. Best summer vacations in usa 2016.

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