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Best summer vacations in the us on In fact, you should track both your gainer and dumper (explained later in this chapter) patterns: first- and second-day gainers, and first- and secondday dumpers. Although it is a relatively simple procedure to track these patterns, it is too complicated to throw into the mix while discussing our niche CHAPTER 6 Predictable Patterns 101 patterns and is better covered as a separate topic by itself. Chapter 9, Tracking, will walk you through each step in creating a tracking diary for your patterns. For now, what you need to know is what the end product your tracking diary will produce and how it affects the way you play a particular stock. It will tell you how your gainer and dumper patterns have historically reacted: ? How much did they gap up? ? Did they dip at the open and how much did they drop? ? How much did they bounce from the first bottom? ? How many bottoms did they show? ? Did they climb from the open with no dip and how much did they climb? ? How strong was the story behind the momentum? What we are trying to build with the tracking diary is an expectation of how our patterns will react and give a rough game plan for the upcoming trading day. This is important information to have when trading because it will help you make your buy and sell decisions as the stock opens. If my tracking diary shows that second-day gainers have been gapping up, but dipping . Best summer vacations in the us 2016.

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