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The Ethiopian church recognizes Alexandria as the origin of its liturgy, but this does not mean that the Ethiopian liturgy is the same as that celebrated in the Egyptian church today. The rites, probably identical in Alexandria and Aksum in the 4th c., remain unchanged in their central nucleus in both churches, but have different nuances due to the cultural and psychological differences of the two African nations. Tradition has it that St. Frumentius, ordained bishop of Aksum by St. Athanasius, introduced into his church the Coptic liturgy, which passed through various phases, the first of which was the use of the Greek language in the Ethiopian liturgy, since that language was then used in the Egyptian church. Frumentius’s own Syrian origins, Best summer vacation USA and that of the famous nine saints and the just men ?adqan who, in the 5th-6th c., spread the gospel and monasticism in N Ethiopia, led to the introduction of considerable Syrian influences into the church, easily visible even today, esp. in the sacred language Geez of the Alexandrian-Ethiopian rite.

Further contributions to this rite were made by various Eastern liturgies through the contacts over the centuries of Ethiopian monks, on pilgrimage in Jerusalem, with the various Christian communities in the holy city. Many Jewish influences can also be noted, e.g., in the construction of Ethiopian churches with the presence, among other things, of the Sancta Sanctorum in the celebration of the sabbath, and in the innumerable allusions to OT texts and characters. Best summer vacation USA For celebrating the Eucharist, the church of Ethiopia recognizes the texts of 17-20 anaphorae, the most used being that of the Holy Apostles. Mass, which must always be sung and is characterized by the active participation of the faithful, is divided into two parts: 1 the ordinary, invariable except in the biblical readings, comprises the liturgy of the catechumens preparation of offerings, offertory, liturgy of the word and the pre-anaphora, with which the Mass of the faithful begins various prayers, lavabo, kiss of peace; 2 the anaphora, which can change according to circumstances, is composed of the preface and the eucharistic prayer proper. Best summer vacation USA Besides the missal kidase and the rituals for the administration of the sacraments, the most-used books include: the synaxarion, the antiphonary for the whole year deggua, attributed to the 6th-c. St.

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