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Best summer vacation places on Still, this was not a safe place to think long again. Aside from the fact that the market was in ranging mode, pullback 1 5- 1 6 had retraced much too aggressively to justify a pullback reversal wager (skip the buy offer above combi 1 7) . A s it turned out, most o f the skipped entries i n this session would have worked out well for 20 pip. Are we being too conservative? It really is up to the individual to answer this. Sometimes the environment may allow for a little more aggression, but it is no easy chore to define the requirements that determine these special conditions. If only for the sake of testing your personal method, reviewing indisputable high-odds wagers only (say, on a year’s worth of intraday price action) is by far the best way to establish a reliable take on the extent of opportunities, and their possible outcomes, in the actual market. By contrast, it remains to be seen how well such a test would reflect reality if you include in your analysis a mix of borderline ventures that may or may not have been accepted in a live-market session. Best summer vacation places 2016.

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