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Best relaxing vacations on Furor over the tastelessness of the quasi-confession forced cancellation of the deal, but the book was published in 2007 by Beaufort Books after financial considerations were made to the family of Ronald Goldman. Later that year in what some might call a case of divine justice, Simpson, 60, was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada for his role in an armed robbery of sports memorabilia from a $35-a-night room in the Palace Station Hotel-Casino. On September 13, 2007, Simpson and five other men (two armed with 287 Simpson guns) burst into the room of Alfred Beardsley, a sports memorabilia dealer from Glendale, California, and left with armfuls of football-related material including his own Hall of Fame certificate, photos and books signed by the sports star, lithographs of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, and Beardsley’s cell phone. Simpson had come to Las Vegas on a tip supplied by Tom Riccio, an auction house owner, that memorabilia allegedly stolen from the football star was in Beardsley’s possession. Riccio, who arranged the confrontation, was carrying a tape recorder when the group invaded Beardsley’s room and the incriminating dialogue captured on the tape did not help Simpson at his trial in Las Vegas in October 2008. Simpson maintained he was only attempt – ing to retrieve articles stolen from him, but this contention was undercut by four of his cronies in the raid who cut plea deals with the prosecution in exchange for their testimony. One of the gunmen testified O. Best relaxing vacations 2016.

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