The Best, Post-New Years’ Getaways in Australia

Given its sheer size and the diversity of its terrain, it should come as no surprise that Australia is home to an incredible array of travel experiences. This underpins the country’s status as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, with its incredible appeal extending beyond cosmopolitan locations such as Sydney and Melbourne.

In fact, the understated and largely rural South Australian territory benefited from a huge surge in demand during 2016, recording a 9% increase in overseas visitors in the year ending June 30th. This trend is set to continue in the New Year, offering a wider range of choice and diversity for travellers who are looking for an exciting Australian getaway this year.

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3 of the Best, Post-New Years’ Getaways in Australia

Now, let’s take a look at three of the best Australian getaways for travel enthusiasts in 2017: –

A Summer Trip to the Beaches of Sydney

While Sydney may be synonymous with culture and conjure up images of its iconic Harbour Bridge, it is essentially a sun-kissed beach resort that boasts miles of golden coastline. This makes it the ideal location for a spring or summer holiday, with the months of April and May offering the best value flights for international travellers.

You can also access a selection of cheap summer flights to Sydney with Just Fly Business, which in turn can reduce the cost of travel even further. Given the range of natural and architectural wonders that are accessible throughout the city, this should be near the top of your choices when planning your trip.

Explore the Understated Land of South Australia

While the aforementioned South Australia has historically struggled to attract international visitors, this has changed in recent times after the region was ranked in fifth place on Lonely Planet’s list of top destinations for 2017. Some will argue that this is long overdue, particularly when you consider its unique meld of vineyards, crowd-free beaches and sparse, outback terrain.

South Australia is also home to the nation’s artistic home of Adelaide and the decidedly rustic Kangaroo Island, making it a likely destination for sun-seeking culture lovers.

Enjoy the Ultimate City Break in Melbourne

If you enjoy the sunshine but find that fast-paced city breaks are more your speed, then a trip to Melbourne will make for the ultimate Australian getaway. From the principal region of Victoria to the South Wharf, the city is a bustling hub of activity that is populated with several landmarks and stunning examples of nature.

This guarantees a diverse travelling experience for those visiting Melbourne, with the most popular highlights being the cities iconic cricket ground and the truly incredible, Royal Botanical Garden. The ideal destination for couples and young families, Melbourne should be high on your list of potential destinations in 2017.

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