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Best places to visit china on During the mid?1990s however, Poulain’s life took a downward turn which he attributed to mental illness. The depressed performer became estranged from his family and in 2005 was arrested for stealing firearms and sentenced to sixteen months in a federal prison and three years probation. Released in October 2006 with credit for time served, Poulain tried unsuccessfully to rebuild a performing career stalled by incarceration. On April 24, 2007, Mathiew Loisel, 21, and Cory Swift, 18, went to Poulain’s apartment at 21 School Street with the intention of forcing the cabaret singer to transfer money out of Swiss bank accounts from an ATM. During the robbery, Loisel discharged a round from a Llama 9mm handgun into Poulain’s chest later claiming, it was like my finger moved without my mind thinking. As the singer bled out on the floor, the pair fled the scene stashing the gun under a nearby shed where it was later recovered by police. Poulain died in an ambulance en route to the Augusta State Airport where he was to have been airlifted by helicopter to a major trauma center. Best places to visit china 2016.

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