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Best places to vacation in the usa on If we compare the implications of bar 1 3 with those of bar 7 earlier on, we can already see some nice price technical repetition at work. The second box took twice as long to break as the first, but in many instances this only enhances the likelihood of a double-pressure pop. After all, the more trading done within the buildup, the more parties trapped on the wrong side of the market when prices finally break out, and their flights to safety can only add to the breakout pressure. All this is not to suggest that the break trade above bar 1 3 was a guaranteed winner, but with (a) bullish pressure in the overall chart, (b) prices in a 50 percent retracement zone, (c) a false low at 1 2 , (d) a false and higher low at 1 3 , (e) an upside break of a box pattern, and (t) the 50-level magnet hanging above, at least the prospects for bullish follow-through were excellent. (Entry and exit specifics will be taken up Figure 3.2 There are many ways to analyze price action but there is never any need to overdo it. Particularly when going the leisurely route of the conservative style there is seldom reason to strip the chart apart. Best places to vacation in the usa 2016.

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