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Best places to travel in the united states on Before stepping in on a thin break like this, it may help to ask and answer two essential questions first: (a) does this look like an offer that many other bulls would want to accept? And (b) how demoralized are the bears at this point; would they rather throw in the towel on the break at 2 , or open up new shorts? As always, the true answer will only be known after the fact, but we can usually gather a fair view on the most likely outcome simply by following pressure, conditions and buildup. How about the break of combi 4? Small as a combi can be, this one possessed a little more merit. Not only was the combi favorably positioned in the base of the 25ema, it found technical footing in a small pattern line extension. Even so, since the market had only just sprung up from the lows, it would have been rather optimistic to have anticipated immediate continuation at this point. And there was overhead resistance to deal with as well (pattern line extension of former highs) . An offer to have declined for sure was the break of combi 5 . If we now consider the preceding bull swing 3-5, which had come up from the lows with little pausing on the way, this pattern breakout had all the makings of a tease break trap. Best places to travel in the united states 2016.

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