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wants co see in gatherings, a person chac is loved, envied, if he/she has priorities and is supported, he/she will feel appreciated. So, in chis respect, personal happiness is something we get from people around us.

In the American psychologist Maslows ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, being appreciated is defined as status. One chinks that the classical meaning of status involves too much of a monetary character. It is understood that people who do not have chat much status can also be appreciated.

A valued communication provides noc only the real confirmation but also the symbolical character. There are some people in our prosperous society that are capable of doing just about everything. The matter here is of course related to the relational formularization. No one is really in a position co be able co buy everyching. Still, many people say I can buy whacever I wane co buy. The so called people here are the rich who feel the need for security, to be appreciated, and most of all to improve themselves.

The rich tries to Improve himself/herself.

Best places to travel for adventure Travel

Best places to travel for adventure Photo Gallery

Best places to travel for adventure Photo Gallery

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