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Best place to travel to in hawaii on No weapon was found, but suitcases used by the singer during a six week concert tour which ended the day before were found lying half-unpacked near her body. On that same day, the divorced Scott had announced her engagement to George Osserman who lived with her and the children in the house on 134 Elk Avenue. With no signs of a forced entry or theft police focused their investigation on the house’s staff. Four days after the fatal bludgeoning, Scott’s 21-year-old chauffeurhandyman- stagehand, Michael D. Spearman, was arraigned on a charge of second-degree murder. Spearman, employed by the singer since October 1977 and living in the New Rochelle house, admitted killing the singer with a baseball bat as she slept in her bed. The murder was apparently the culmination of an ongoing argument between employer and employee over the extent of his work duties. Best place to travel to in hawaii 2016.

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