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Bus services from Portoferraio cover all parts of the island. View across the rooftops of Massa Marittima to the hills beyond Sandy beaches~at Procchio on the north coast of Elba Siena / To San Quirico d’Orcia To Rome V ANSE1 ARGENTARIO- 0 kilometres 0 miles Pa jiombino is a busy town dominated by iron and steel works. It is at the end i of the Massoncello peninsula The skyline of Massa Marittima and was originally an island. A Day Out on Elba Piombino 0 Road map C4. Ijjjl 36,774. [2 S 2 f] Via Benvenuto Cellini 102. (0565)491 21. g Wed. Massa Marittima O Road map C4.

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