The Best New York Attractions

Central Park, Times Square, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are some of the many famous attractions that millions visit every year when arriving in the Big Apple. However, in recent years, a number of new destinations have garnered the attention of locals and guests alike.

Whale Watching.

Cruising along the coastal waters to and from the islands around New York is not a particularly new adventure offered outside of the city. Nonetheless, an ever-increasing number of migrating humpback whales swimming in local waters have created a breath-taking summer attraction. Vessels filled with eager passengers daily set sail a few miles offshore to catch a glimpse of the gentle ocean giants.

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Spectators stand in awe with cameras ready to snap a shot when one of the immense creatures breaches the water's surface. According to reports, the whales are more than happy to comply.

Researchers report that in the last couple of years, the number of whales frequenting the area is on the rise. Reasons for this unique event include the fact that the waters are cleaner, which attracts a growing number of fish species known as menhaden. In 2014, scientists and photographers indicate that more than 50 whales arrived in hopes of feasting on the small fish. While whale-watching enthusiasts normally have the summer months to enjoy viewing the marine life, the increase in activity means tours have extended into the autumn months.

“Friends” Locations Tour.

In commemoration of the popular TV show's 20th anniversary, Central Park recently recreated the now familiar coffee shop where the entire cast enjoyed hanging out. Though largely filmed in L.A. guests may still hop on a bus and visit some of the famous locations featured on the program. Venture to the Grand Army Plaza and see the 22-foot-tall Pulitzer Fountain that stood in the background of every opening credit scene. Constructed in 1916, the structure boasts the Roman goddess of abundance known as Pomona. Ross worked as a paleontologist at the fictional New York Museum of Prehistoric History. However, Friends fans may visit the American Museum of Natural History for a look at the remains of ancient reptiles.

Determined to have a successful acting career, Joey had the chance to perform in an Off-Broadway production at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in season three. Open since 1926, the venue remains standing and has changed little in all of the years of providing live entertainment. In fact, the theater continues offering productions today. Known as one of the most frequently filmed buildings in the city, the Plaza Hotel was featured in season seven when Chandler and Monica celebrated their engagement. Guests are welcome to reserve a room while in New York City, or just stop in for the live jazz sessions offered on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. As Rachel struggled to find her way in the working world, she landed a job at Bloomingdales. Established in 1861, the elite department store now has seven locations throughout the city. Stop in, browse around and leave with an iconic brown bag full of goodies.

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