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Best muslim countries to visit on Bacon told his Austrian- born wife the apartment was for a handy – man he planned to hire to maintain their home. Based on witness descriptions of a man seen riding with Bacon in his car earlier on the day of the murder, and the fact that the sweater was too small to fit the victim, police launched a manhunt for a slight young man about 21 years of age. A few days later the investigation was derailed after Blakely Christopher Patterson, a 22-year-old slightly built hospital orderly, admitted he had fabricated a story in which he claimed to have been a witness to a third party extortion attempt on the actor. Asked by detectives why he created the elaborate fiction, Patterson responded, I thought I could get into the movies if I had my picture in the paper. Patterson was sentenced to 90 days in the L.A. City Jail for making a false police report, but all but the ten days already served were suspended on condition he return to his home in Hibbing, Minnesota. Best muslim countries to visit 2016.

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