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Best islands of hawaii on 357-Magnum to discharge. The gun flash burned the beefy bodyguard and the blood flowed. Terrified, the 52- Holmes 124 year-old Nash pleaded on his knees for his life. Lind pressed the gun to the dope dealer’s head and demanded the whereabouts of the safe containing the drugs and money. When Nash initially refused, Lind shoved the gun into the kneeling man’s mouth and gave him to the count of five. In Nash’s bedroom, the robbers found a floor safe containing two large plastic bags of cocaine and a further search of the room resulted in the discovery of a strongbox containing thousands of Quaaludes and more coke. Before leaving the house, the group took guns, a vial of heroin, and an attache case containing large amounts of cash and jewelry. Best islands of hawaii 2016.

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