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Best islands hawaii on Slaying Victim Once ?Little Rascals’ Actor. Las Vegas Review-Journal, October 22, 2002, sec. B, p. 3. Maltin, Leonard, and Richard W. Benn. The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang. Best islands hawaii 2016.

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The loading from Auckland was mainly wool, frozen lamb, some light manufactured goods and a lot of transhipped cargo from South America. We had a fracas with the wharfies one afternoon. They were heavily unionised, and one of the shop stewards discovered that we were going to be loading transhipped wine from Chile. The right-wing dictator General Pinochet was running Chile at the time, and he was a hate figure for the left. To demonstrate their solidarity with the oppressed Chilean workers, the wharfies decided they would not handle fascist wine and walked off the ship.

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