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Best island of hawaii on 5 points per week, and by risking 2 percent of capital per trade. But of course it is totally irrelevant from what market(s) these 10 points are gathered. On four markets it needs an average score of just 2 . 5 points per market per month to get the job done. Seen in this light, it’s hard not to praise the virtues of trading three or four markets simultaneously, and especially so in a stale environment with fewer opportunities on the whole. The reflection above is not meant to trap the price action student into silly fantasies of points per months and future riches, it mainly serves to stress the importance of always looking at trading from the viewpoint of the bigger picture, or at least from a monthly perspective. Obsessively focusing on raking in a certain profit per day or even per week can only lead to stress and anxiety and that seldom does a trader any good. Best island of hawaii 2016.

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