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Best hawaii travel deals on He reportedly left the music business for good in 1974 after turning down the chance to manage a fledgling band, Kiss. By 1981, accounts of Knight’s life varied widely with some saying his stay in the Bahamas was spent moving drugs for international gangsters and in developing his own heavy duty cocaine habit. Amid rumors that he was involved with Colombian drug lords, Knight resurfaced in Michigan in 1981 broke, divorced from his first wife (a former stewardess from Sweden), and addicted to drugs. Living off royalties from Grand Funk Railroad, he married a woman 17 years his junior in 1986 and fathered a child, Danielle, in 1988. The family relocated to Yuma, Arizona, where the former rock manager was briefly employed as a manager for a defense contractor testing military equipment at the Yuma Military Proving Ground before turning to selling advertisements. The couple divorced in 1991 and Knight was awarded sole custody of his daughter. Largely forgotten by rock music, Knight could not resist talking about his lucrative settlement with Grand Funk Railroad when VH1 asked him to appear on an episode of Behind the Music detailing the supergroup’s rise and fall. Best hawaii travel deals 2016.

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