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Best getaways on Figure 8.1 0 Session overview: Few charts better illustrate what is meant by round number resilience. The bulk of this session was all about the bull attacks on 1 . 28. It is always interesting to see how a major round number can be breached multiple times but hold up nonetheless. In sessions like this, patience truly is a virtue, but so is staying alert. At some point demoralization is bound to kick in and this could set the wheels in motion for a double-pressure event. Best getaways 2016.

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We wondered whether China would use the occasion and the atmosphere to roll over the border into Hong Kong, crushing the tiny British garrison. Saigon fell and was renamed Ho Chi Minh City and all news of what was going on in the inside of Vietnam dried up. Rumours of horrors filled the airways: mass executions, city clearances, re-education programmes for all. It was an Orwellian nightmare to make you shiver. The fall of Vietnam didn’t affect our lives, apart from the boat people.

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