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Chrysostom’s preaching, dogmatically based, has value especially for the conduct of life O. Pasquato, Catechesi dottrinale e catechesi morale in GC.: F. Vattioni ed., Sangue e antropologia. Riti e culto, 2, Rome 1987, 1039-1111. The discourses are biblical-liturgical M.L. Guillaumin. Best getaways in USA They are called catecheses because their content must leave a lasting echo within the listeners Cat. II, 1 PG 49, 231. The most important baptismal figures are spiritual marriage J.-P. Cattenoz, Le baptªme myst¨re nuptial. Thologie de s. J. Chr., Venasque 1993 and the enlistment of soldiers stratologia; W. Slencka, 211-218. Catechesis is structured in accordance with relationship of faith-sacrament-life. Faith is necessary for pagan and Jewish catechumens. It is expressed in Apotaxis and Syntaxis Cat. III 2, 18-20 SC 50 bis, 143-145. The sacrament is an action of Christ based on divine condescension R. Br¤ndle: RAC 18, 467-468. In baptism, God responds to faith, not to the water Cat. III 2,26 SC 50 bis, 147-148. John Chrysostom sees in Christ the mystagogue who initiates into the mysteries. He privileges sight: only the eyes of faith recognize the nature of baptism. He is unclear on original sin Cat. III 3,6 SC 50 bis, 154. Having become a child of God, the newly enlightened possesses a new light always, becoming faithful Cat. I SC 366, 167; O. Pasquato, La priorit  dell’educazione morale in GC.: S. Felici ed., Crescita dell’uomo nella catechesi dei padri et  postnicena, Rome 1988, 191-199. From Christ’s side flowed water and blood: the first a symbol of baptism, the second of the Eucharist Cat. III 3,16 SC 50 bis, 160; Christ formed the church from his open side. There is a close relation between Eucharist and church O. Pasquato, Eucaristia e Chiesa in GC.: EphLit 102 1988 240-258. In postbaptismal catecheses he reveals not mystagogy but morality. If, then, the gifts are spiritual, so must our works also be Cat. III, 4, 27 SC 50 bis, 196; O. Pasquato, Rapporto, 58-61. In 388 or 390 at Antioch, Chrysostom commented on the Our Father In Matth. hom. 19, 4-6 PG 57, 277-282 and Orat. dom. PG 51, 44-48; S. Sabugal, Il Padrenostro, 46; Id., Abb , 93-94; J.-P. Cattenoz, Le baptªme myst¨re nuptial. Thologie de s. Jean Chrys., Venasque 1993; O. Pasquato, Cris. Giov.: J. Gevaert ed., 629-631; Id., Giov. Cris.: M. Sodi – A.M. Triacca, Diz. di Omiletica, 232-238; Id., I laici in Giov. Cris; P. Allen, Severus of Antioch as a Source for Lay Piety in Late Antiquity: Historiam Perscrutari 711-721; Ph. De Roten, Baptªme et mystagogie. En- quªte sur l’initiation chrtienne selon S. Jean Chrisostome = LQF, 91, M¼nster 2005.

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