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DIONYSIUS of Tell-Mahre d. 845. Monophysite Jacobite patriarch. He was a monk of the convent of Qenneshrin until it was burned down by the Muslims 815; he then moved to Kaisun. Ordained deacon, priest and bishop on three successive days, he succeeded Cyriac in 818. The monks of Gubba opposed him for his suppression from the liturgy of the words we break the heavenly bread, setting up first Abraham and then Simeon 837 as patriarchs in opposition to him. More than once even traveling to Baghdad and Egypt he had to plead the cause of Christians, brutally oppressed by the Muslims. He wrote a Chronicle lost in two parts 16 books, covering the years 582843; we have some direct fragments, citations in Bar-Hebraeus and Michael the Syrian and extracts in the Chronicon of 1234. He died 22 August 845. Best family vacations in US 2017 R. Duval, La littrature syriaque, Paris 1907 repr. 1970, 388f.; EC 4, 1670; DHGE 14,310 with ample bibliography; I. Ortiz de Urbina, Patrologia syriaca, Rome 1965, 220; LTK 3, 404f.

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