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Best family vacation destinations 2015 on on November 30, 1995, exactly one year and five minutes after Tupac Shakur had been wounded in Manhattan, Big Stretch, 27, was shot to death in Queens. The rapper was on his way home when a black car with three men inside began a high speed chase with his 1992 Mazda minivan at 112th Avenue and 209th Street. Stretch was shot at least four times (two through his back) forcing his car to glance off a tree, strike a parked car, and flip. The rapper was pronounced dead at the scene. Although the timing of the attack suggested a clear link between Tupac’s shooting and a payback hit, the case remained cold until April 2007. As part of a federal probe into the unsolved 1995 murder of hip-hop icon Jam Master Jay (see entry), investigators named Ronald Tenad Washington, 43, as a suspect in both the murders of Jay and Big Stretch. Fingered by former girlfriend Lydia High, a receptionist in the Queens studio where Jam Master Jay was murdered, Washington denied involvement in either murder claiming his ex was reacting to extreme pressure by investigators. Best family vacation destinations 2015 2016.

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