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Best country to visit in january on Pullbacks come in many shapes and sizes, but all can be classified into one of two categories: they are either a correction in price or in time. In the time variety, the puliback often resembles a horizontal or slightly tilted flag. In many such cases we can trade the reversal as if dealing with a regular pattern break setup (or a variant of it). The correction in price is usually more diagonally shaped. To qualify as a reversal candidate, this type of pullback should correct about 50 to 60 percent of the dominant swing. (In a very strong trend, 40 percent might do, provided the turn sets up well.) But rather than measuring the amount of retracement in absolute terms, perhaps an even better marker is to wait for the correction to reach the 25ema first, preferably even perforate it a bit, and then look for a turn. Best country to visit in january 2016.

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