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Best country to visit in august on Schuster, Roy Edgar (M) A former vaudeville dancer, Schuster, 26, took a job as a dance instructor for theatrical producer Ned Wayburn in New York City to support his one-time actress wife, Amy, and their four-yearold daughter. The four-year marriage crumbled in mid?1930. Schuster was living alone and struggling to pay a court ordered alimony settlement of $40 a week while attempting to reconcile with his wife when he lost his job in January 1931. On the morning of May 2, 1931, the dancer showed up at the fourteenth-floor office of his wife’s attorney, Israel Siegel, at 49-51 Chambers Street to make one last attempt at reconciliation. Schuster argued with his estranged wife in an outer office of the law firm and became even more irate when Siegel told him to stay put while he conferred alone with his client in a private office. Schuster drew a .32-caliber revolver and shot his wife twice in the head killing her instantly. Best country to visit in august 2016.

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