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Best country to visit in april on In several earlier discussions we took up the fact that reversal progressions of the blocky kind are harder to dig through than are their more angular counterparts. When aiming to trade for failure, this usually means that we should wait for the market to edge off’ most of the compactness of the obstruction first. Always welcome is to see the blocky features of a reversal pattern transform into the angular characteristics of a continuation pattern, as in a bull or bear-flag formation. This is essentially what happened when the 9- 1 2 progression was added to the right of the reversal pattern. Notice how the low of bar 10 matched the low of combi 9. This set up a double-bottom element in the trending average and was about to confirm a false break with the low of bar 3. (Imagine a horizontal barrier from the low of 3 extended to the right. Best country to visit in april 2016.

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